12/26/2019: "Best Move"

I've moved a lot and his was the best move of my life. It was on the day after Christmas and in spite being busy and in the middle of the holidays, the movers were cheerful and energetic. They were singing as they trotted in and out, loading and unloading the truck. As furniture came into the house, they asked where each piece should go and moved pieces several times until I was satisfied. The original cost was reasonable but it did not take as long as expected, so I was only charged from the time they arrived until the time they were done. I recommend them highly and will use them again if I ever move again.

Katherine Foster
7/22/2018: "Absolutely love this moving company!"

My husband and I recently purchased a large playground for our kids and needed to transport it to our home. The movers arrived before schedule and not only disassembled playground to move it in a timely manner but reassembled it very quickly and efficiently. They even tested the slide out to make sure it was secure! Thank you to both movers Les and Danny for your friendly and professional service.

Katherine Foster
6/15/2018: On time & Flexible

Owner was given a quote and APM was flexible with him on price, so he had a positive experience with the office.

The crew was “clean, neat, and they worked like bandits! They actually ran. I’ve never seen anything like it. There was a big tall fellow who was very nice and kept everyone moving.”

Leu said there was a large parrot cage that fell off a ramp coming out of the truck, but he wasn’t upset about it and did not want to file a claim. Crew was apologetic.

Katherine Foster
6/16/2018: "Highly recommended"

Attempt to estimate what would go during the move was a challenge due to owner living in NYC, but the office staff made it easier! Owner got a compliment from the destination location management about us reaching out to them prior to the move! “They said you were the only moving company that they have ever had reach out beforehand!”

Owner was in attendance for the move and said that the goal was a stress-free move for her elderly mom, and the crew achieved that completely. They were on time and extremely helpful. They took a couple extra minutes here and there to help suggest where to place furniture, what furniture went best in each room, etc. and that made all the difference in their attempt to downsize.

Highly recommended especially for those in assisted living communities. 

Katherine Foster
6/28/2018: Great, perfect, seamless

Great, very accommodating and quick to respond to any message.

Crew: Janet was working the day of the move, but her husband and son ranted about how wonderful the crew was. The two crew members had moved all the belongings on a “rainy, gross” day and had only gotten a single spot on the bottom of one couch. They took full responsibility for it and were beside themselves that it occurred. The husband “thought they were going to die”. The husband and son didn’t care about this one blip at all, but were so impressed by the crew pointing it out and holding themselves accountable.

Katherine Foster
6/15/2018 Well Run Company & Extremely Respectful

Started the call off by saying the crew did an amazingly good job. They had a positive attitude and were more than helpful with the process of downsizing. There was a tall member of the crew who took the time to rearrange their previously-used storage unit to better fit the new items. There was a younger guy assigned to a curio cabinet stuffed with small glassware like figurines who actually took a photograph of all the figurines in their current position, individually wrapped each one, then put them safely back in the cabinet after the move in the exact same places they had been beforehand. Mark was in awe and couldn’t believe the painstaking detail the crew member was taking. Very special touch.

Katherine Foster
Moving ChildCare Center

A Perfect Move moved our child care center, Time of Wonder Early Learning Center, from our original location on Route 1 in Kittery, to our beautiful new space in St. George's Episcopal Church in York Harbor. The price was public-spirited and more than fair; the service was prompt and efficient; the staff was helpful and responsive. We could not be more satisfied or grateful, and we are happy to recommend A Perfect Move to anyone planning a move.

-Barbara Diamond, Board Chair


Moving Solvers

"I am singing James' praises as he saved the day! We had 1000# piece for one of our clients that they ordered. 6 guys couldn't get it up stairs, so he came, figured out a way to tie and strap it and got it up 2 flights of stairs!" - Cindy, Hilton Head, SC

Customer Service

"Annessa, You guys were wonderful! From your customer service, to the thank you card we received, from the amazing follow up, and the moving team. Your customer service was remarkable and we will be referring you to many of our residents who are looking for movers! Thank you again!" - Jenna, Burlington, MA

Truly amazing

"Truly amazing! I told Les and the crew that one of the many things I appreciated about them was that amidst the stress of moving, they worked so well together and with me (friendly/kind/helpful tone) that it made moving much less stressful for me!" – Ginger Kreitler

Katherine Foster
Compassionate & Professional

Had to move a disabled family member who lives in the Strafford area. May I recommend A Perfect Move! A Perfect Move is a cut above the crowd. This company stepped up over and above what was required and delivered, compassionate, professional and exceptional service. Without hesitation and with the highest possible praise, I recommend their services. If you want a company that you can trust, A Perfect Move is it."

- Barbara Y